bars: cosmo

The first time I went to this dank little bar called Cosmo they didn’t have a sign with their name on it, all they had was a black paint job. Even though they now have a sign and a couple more bottles on their shelves, they are pretty much still the same place. Their bar still looks like its made out of cardboard. Three euro mojitos, simply put, you cannot deny yourself.

Marco and I stumbled upon this little gem one night, back before we could understand each others Spanish. A little bit of rum based cocktailing quickly established that having a language in common is not always necessary for having fun. We caught a bus home swaying and pointing at things making abstract sounds.

The staff are all Indian or something like that, so you know they speak English better than they speak Spanish anyway. They serve the drinks in plastic cups, so you can have a mojito on the move if you are in a bit of a hurry or if you are a bit of an alcoholic…

The clientele is pretty mixed, plenty of Americans, plenty of hot European girls. Plenty of dickheads.

Its located on Nou de la Rambla, a street which will lead you into seedy Raval. The street also houses a couple of other bars worth a visit, but lets not try and remember names.

Following the street all the way away from the centre, will take you into Poble Nou, and pretty much to the front door of the Apollo Club.

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