restaurants: la paradetta

If you like seafood, well done.

If you like fresh seafood then you will like ‘La Paradeta’, that shit is about as fresh as dipping your head in the ocean and biting a fish.

Once you get past the queue and through the door the fun starts. In front of you is all this raw seafood, everything from calamares all the way up to crabs and tuna steak, all clearly priced. Pick out what you want and they will weigh it up in front of you, then send it to the kitchen. Now you can go choose your drinks, pay for your food and sit down.

They will call your number on a loud speaker and I think you go and fetch it or they bring it to you, usually you’ve drank enough wine by this point not to tell the difference anyway.

Some of the food comes out bread-crumbed and fried, some comes out grilled, but its all how you imagine, ain’t no deep fried lobster here. So don’t bother making a dick out of yourselves and trying to ask how something is cooked using sign language.

Now everytime I’ve gone to get my stomach filled, I’ve rolled in there with a crew of at least ten and we haven’t paid over 15 euros each. I would recommend going with less people though, because the table wait for sixteen people is long off.

Drinks wise just get that seven euro bottle of white wine, that will do no problems, I bought a beer once and everyone looked at me like I had a swastika tattooed on my arm or somethings.

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