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Nasty Mondays

Apollo nightclub sits nestled behind the actual Apollo theatre. The nearest Metro is Parra.lel and plenty of buses stop around the neighbourhood. Don’t let the abundance of prostitutes and crack-heads stumbling around the area put you off, there are a few nice little bars around for some pre-disco drinks. Then around 1am-ish you will to head in. Sometimes the queue can be a bit long off, but at least that means there are people inside.

If you read the original charcelona blog, you may well remember me talking about a band called The Fuck, well this is the club I was at when I saw them, spitting on each other. Even though that review was a bit of a scathing one, this place is actually fun.

Go on Monday. That’s the best night, you might meet people who say the best night is on Tuesday, but they are wrong. On Monday there is a pair of DJ’s playing all through the night and they like to have a laugh. They’re decked out with some weird shit, lightsabers and I’m pretty sure I remember a plastic Zebra.

Expect to see plenty of girls whose heads are shoved so far up their own arses that they have shit stains on their necks. It doesn’t matter much anyway, the music is so loud that you can’t exactly make conversation. It’s very much an alternative vibe, you will see a vast amount of tattoos, and people pierced up to the nines. As well as all them vice magazine wannabes. There are nice people too, I promise.

Shit goes down until about half five in the am. Then its off to the beach to watch the sunrise.

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