restaurants: morryssoms

When this restaurant is shut it looks a bit like a closed down newsagents or something, but when its open it doesn’t. You won’t find any dusty copies of Smash Hits up in this bitch, just good food.

Its always busy. Everytime I have ever walked past I have never seen any free tables outside, never. Okay so there is only like 4 or 5 tables outside, but still that is good isn’t it?

I only ever went once to this restaurant, but out of all the tapas I tried in the city, this place was my favourite. It feels geniune, most of the people in there are Spanish and the Sangria comes in a cool clay jug.

Its located in Verdaguer, which is just below Gracia on a map. This means after dinner you can walk up and go and drink in one of Gracia’s lovely plazas. Also its within walking distance to Sagrada Familia, which is good to see at night, it’s about a ten minute walk.

Food wise. That shit is fresh and tasty. Even if they might forget the odd plate, they won’t make you wait around for ages. We ordered some green pepper things that I had never seen before. If you are looking for fried calamares, like the little ones, they are called pulpos de something or other, calamares in these joint means big fucking tasty breaded ones. I was definitely full. Get some patatas bravas aswell.

Play footsy with the person opposite you, even if its your dad. He’ll understand.

Basic Spanish is a must. They might have menus translated not so well into English, but their waiters won’t understand anything you are saying. On second thought he didn’t understand any of my Spanish either, maybe he was just deaf.

We were three and paid like around 15 Euros a head with a jug of sange. Then we all hugged after our food had digested.

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