beaches: garraf

This little beach is a train ride out of the city, but worth it if only to get away from those fuckers constantly trying to sell you sexy beers and massages.

Its located to the south of Barcelona and just before Sitges, trains run slightly infrequently compared to other local beach destinations, so best to do some timetable research.

I’m tempted to say something like “this is where the locals go, so you know its all good”. But lets be honest its not like I went around with a clipboard researching where everyone was from, a lot of people looked Spanish though, so fuck it, its legit.

Bring some lunch though. There is one bar/restaurant and one proper-looking restaurant, and its not cheap like you want it to be. I dropped sufficient coin on one beer.

On the actual beach. The sand is good, as far as sand can be. There were some monster waves out there, proper Swayze and Reeves shit. Oh and those shadows in the water are rocks. So when I was like “all the best waves are breaking over there by the seaweed, I’m gonna go and bodysurf over there”, that was just me being a dick.

If you fancy going for a stroll, unlucky. I went for a lonesome stroll, to contemplate the direction of my life and other profound shit like that. Only to return within ten minutes, no more intelligent on life’s great questions, all I had learnt was that perfect breasts do exist and that they were brilliant.

But, lets be honest, it’s a nice little beach where you can feel confident leaving your belongings whilst you go for a swim.

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