stuff: mercado del encants

Hands up?

Hands down. This is Barcelona’s best flea market. No dispute. If you are looking for a bag with a broken zip or vintage Penthouse magazines for your grandfather, look no further.

I usually start off with some churros or buñuelos de something or other, covered in sugar. Don’t forget the sugar. You will need the carbs. These treats can be picked up from the churros hut at the back of the market. And are very much worth it.

Then move yourself into the central market area, by all means browse and barter, but conserve some energy. Perhaps the sun is beating down on your neck? Why not buy a cap? Perhaps it is raining? Why not buy an umbrella. Make your way back towards the entrance, towards the holy grail. Two euro man.

Two euro man is a good man. A fair man.

Search through his mounds of clothes, his piles of bags, spend every last drop of energy looking for a special bargain. If you can only find one shoe, he will locate its partner. Everything is two euros, three pieces for five euros. He is a good man, a fair man. I have to thank my sister and her friend for forcing me to go through this the first time, it has now become a weekly must.

Leave the market tired and dizzy, questioning whether you really needed to buy those three suitcases that will surely fall apart as soon as you put anything inside them. But don’t question too much.

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